by Lally Katz

PRODUCED BY LZA Theatre | Etcetera Theatre, London 
March 21 - April 9, 2017

Siblings Abalone & Gerture haven’t left their house since their parents were killed in horrifying tree pruning incident.  Agoraphobic & isolated, they while away their days playing games of make believe. But Gerture's fading interest in their world is threatening Abalone's ambition- to win first prize at the annual Eisteddfod. Will their inspired Macbeth & Lady M combo be enough to win... and ultimately convince Gerture to stay?

"A Feat of the Imagination" - London Pub Theatres

"A Vibrant, Mesmerising Theatre Event" - Peel First


Performed by Leila Ruban & Heath Ivey-Law

Directed by Liz Arday

Set & Costume Design by Charlotte Henery

Lighting Design by Ryan Funnell

Sound Design by Andrew Reynolds

Assistant Director- Nikhil Vyas

Stage Manager & Operator - Sarah Trim-West 

Produced by LZA Theatre


Production Photography by Hilary Knox


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