This is Baby Doll

by Liz Arday, after Tennessee Williams and Elia Kazan
Factotum Theatre | TAP Gallery Upstairs, Sydney October 3-13 2012

Factotum Theatre pulls apart Elia Kazan’s notorious 1956 film Baby Doll and Tennessee Williams’ short play 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, reconstructing the broken shards into a dangerous, confronting and explosive new theatrical work staged in the choke-hold intimacy of the TAP Gallery Upstairs Theatre.

"Raw, intense and inescapable... brilliantly performed and exceptionally adapted...this performance did more than do it justice, 
it reinvented it."- Lauren Nolan,
"The temperature in that place climbs and climbs until you're sweating right along with baby doll, and she can almost fool you into believing that you really are on some destitute cotton farm in the deep south, sweating, naive, and nervous" - theatre from the backseat
 "An audacity shines through this entire production" - Veronica Kaye


Performed by:

Emily Sheehan

Paul Armstrong

Ben Dalton

Angie Elphick

 Adapted and Directed by Liz Arday

Produced by Factotum Theatre

Production photography by Kathy Luu