by Henrik Ibsen
Factotum Theatre | TAP Gallery Upstairs, Sydney
March 1-13 2012

She’s mean at the beginning and even meaner at the end. For her first trick, she mercilessly derides a sweet old lady’s brand new hat. Later she uses a visiting guest for target practice in the backyard. And for a big finish, she consigns a baby to the flames. (A metaphorical baby, that is). Through it all she exudes tetchiness, weariness and a general contempt for everything in sight. She finds everybody a bore, and even bores herself — to death, essentially.

Shrouded in controversy since its premier in 1891, Ibsen’s infamous Hedda Gabler has divided critics and audiences alike. Factotum bring back to life the classic Ibsen text for a joy ride at Darlinghurst’s TAP Gallery March 2012.

Performed by Karen Bayly, Penny Day, Richard Hilliar, Matt Hume, Lana Kershaw,

Julian Ramundi & Bec Wood.

​Directed by Liz Arday

Photography by Thomas E. Graham