by Henry egar

PRODUCED BY the hope theatre, london | ONLINE THEATRE
AS PART OF THE hope at home series
november 23-29, 2020

Presented by The Hope Theatre.

Escaping from his mother's birthday party, Anthony secretly tries on some new foundation in his family's shed. He performs for himself and remembers a scarring episode the last time he was in the shed, before his dad unexpectedly opens the door.

Hope at Home is a 5-part online series of 15-minute monologues each exploring a single fascinating
slice of life, created by 25 artists commissioned by the theatre earlier this autumn. Each film
premieres via our digital channels culminating in a Christmas special on Monday 21 December. Each episode
will be available free for one week for PAY WHAT YOU CAN to encourage access and donations to help secure the future of the theatre and our reopening in 2021.

Writer Henry Egar

Director Liz Arday

Cinematography & Edit Anna Urik

Sound Composition Euan James-Richards

Producer Laurel Marks

Performed by Jacob Seelochan

Shot during the pandemic